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Our Technology Partner

UP Tech Z, a market leader in Remote/Online Tech Support for home users and small business, was founded in january 2009 in Tempa, FL.

Having solved more than 100 Thousand computer problems and after providing support to more than 200 thousand computers worldwide, UP Tech Z is emerging as a comprehensive technical support company.

RevealIT has been a reliable partner for many companies. Our joint venture spans across engineering, maintenance, functioning and business expansion. With RevealIT we are able to offer solutions to our customers to meet their unique business needs.

At RevealIT , our main focus is to help our clients leverage the updated information technology to steer their businesses ahead, be flourishing and cost-effective. Today's CIOs and other technology leaders are challenged to swiftly deliver high quality solutions and business results at less time and cost. RevealIT helps & deliver its prompt services and solutions through continuous collaboration with the business, leading to high quality software that meets their partner organizations’ need for agility. RevealIT works with the world’s leading enterprises, helping them evolve and expand their business and significantly bolster competitive advantage. RevealIT brings determination, enthusiasm, commitment, challenging and an innovative approach to every client engagement. At RevealIT , we treat our clients’ business problems as our own. For each client we build a powered team from our global workforce, matching skills and specific industry experience to address the specific issues and challenges presented by every engagement. RevealIT partners with some of the world’s largest financial services, communication services and media & information companies as well as leading software companies, to deliver customized solutions that address their most complex business challenges. Most of our clients are Global members. Some of our clients include: