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How about a tool which can help testing the Web Services?
Here it is known as SoapUI- it is an Open Source and completely free tool with a commercial companion -SoapUI Pro- that has extra functionality for companies with mission critical Web Services.
SoapUI has been downloaded millions of times and hence it is seen as the de facto standard for API Service Testing. This indicates that there is a lot of knowledge about the tool out there.

What can tester use SoapUI for?

SoapUI can be used for complete RESTful API and SOAP Web Service testing.
Tester can do different types of testing keeping in mind such as Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Interoperability Testing, Regression Testing and much more. RevealIT aims for the tester to be quite easy to get going in their project. It requires valid and useful techniques to complete the tests for accuracy.
Tester can simulate Web Services. He/She can record tests and use them later even. It helps to create code stubs from the WSDL. And evens create REST specifications (WADL)from recorded communication.
There is so much you can do, RevealIT encourages you to come through the training program and understand the tool fully.

Importanton SoapUI webservices:

SoapUI is java based, so it runs on most operating systems, We test it on several Windows Versions as well as Mac and the multiple Linux dialects. SoapUI requires a 1.6+ version of the JRE (Java Runtime Environment), at least 1 GB of memory is recommended, and about 100 MB of disk space.
If testers are installing with the installer or the standalone distributions, the JRE is included and not required on your system. Otherwise make sure it is installed and the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set correspondingly.

Training at RevealIT

Automation testing and most demanded API Testing can be considered as a next level of test automation suite. This training program on Restful webservicescovers all level of API (REST / SOAP) testing with Java APIs ex: Restassured API, Jackson lib, testing JSON / XML files, validating response and performance tests.