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Duration : 3 Months

Overview :
HANA, stands for "High-Performance Analytic Appliance" is a memory, column relational database management system developed and marketed by HANA's architecture is designed to handle both high transaction rates and complex query processing on the same platform.

HANA is designed to replicate and ingest structured data from SAP and non-SAP relational databases, applications, and other systems quickly. One of three types of data replication are trigger-based, ETL-based, or log-based and are used depending on the source system and desired use-case.

Main Components of SAP HANA are:
  • HANA In-Memory Computing Studio.
  • HANA Host Agent 7.2.
  • HANA CAR 7.10.
  • HANA Sybase Replication Server 15.
  • HANA Load Controller 1.00, and
  • HANA Landscape Transformation 1 - SHC for ABA.

Prerequisite :
There are no prerequisites to learn HANA but if you have knowledge of Database Concepts and SQL then it’s very helpful

All Technical Graduates with background and experience in implementation of modeling of information systems, S.A.P BW or S.A.P BI trained candidates. Students with rich knowledge in data ware housing or reporting can also apply for S.A.P HANA.

Aspirants can work under these profiles:-
  • SAP HANA Consultant.
  • HANA Architect.
  • HANA Modeler.
  • Product Development, HANA.
  • HANA Lead
  • SAP BI Architect (with experience in HANA)
  • Technology Consultant HANA
  • Senior Quality Specialist- Automation for HANA

Benefits Offered by RevealIT

Practical and Classroom sessions

Concept of SAP

Opportunity to work for a realtime SAP project and get involved in the project phases

Hands-On lab exercises

Regular tasks and practical sessions

Job placements with leading companies

Practical and Classroom session

Course Title Timing
2/3 Months weeks SAP Training That You Want
6 Weeks/Months SAP Training That You Want
6/8 weeks SAP Training That You Want

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